Our mission : business partnering & high level advisory

Our mission is to provide impact actions and solutions for investors, companies, cities, and communities with long term and sustainable business value to get benefit from full support of best market practices though a network of recognized experienced and selected ecosystem

We make our customers benefit from high level advisories with pragmatic execution strategy to embrace change and shift to long term value and sustainable business as entering in ESG era

Our expertises in company transformation are :

- adapting business models to the market evolution

- growing business & developing strategies, then implementing in execution

- leading the change management with positive impact on organizations, people and cultures,

- reinforcing business sustainability & ESG criteria's


Our Clients

Funds, private & public investment companies, private equity firms, family offices

Real estate developers & endusers

Construction & General Contractors

Logistic, Mobility

Retail, Ecommerce, Entertainment

Cities & Public stakeholders

Energy Contractors, Industrials

Our offer
We can design our approach through different operating models :
(1) strategic advisory
(2) as business partner
(3) with co-value creation

Shared Value Partners is proposing high level strategic audit & detailed execution plan to serve any customers needs

Our customers are Investors / organization / CEO or Management team with growth / sustainability with  business priorities  to define

We bring our 360 expertise to support any business in Real Estate for Investors, Developers, Endusers, Cities, Public Governance & Energy stakeholders

Shared Value Partners offers high level of expertise as an externalized Executive Director and is a unique boutique to combine a global approach in business to the benefit of its customers from strategy to execution


Strategic advisory

For international (1) investors, (2) developers:

  • Funding positionning, business support for structuration or planification
  • Strategy, business plan
  • Investment underwritting,
  • Development / redevelopment modelling & processes
  • Asset management, portfolio performance, leasing, capex,
  • Project monitoring (GC partner, feasibility, all set up in place with monitoring)
  • ESG & energy

For (3) Endusers, (4) Cities & Public,(5) energy & mobility Stakeholders

  • Global strategy linked with real estate & client core business
  • Lease negotiation
  • Sale & lease back, disposal, acquisition, new move, site redevelopment
  • Development (BTS)

Business development
Operational management

For international or local (1) investors, (2) developers & (3) endusers, (4) cities & public stakeholders

  • Strategic business plan
  • Sourcing opportunities
  • Deal negotiations
  • Expansion plan & scale up
  • Business transformation
  • Change Management
  • Business representative
  • Team and business operational management


Co-value creation

Acting as an operating partner for real estate / industrial investors or private equity firms with a mandate 

  • Built up team (talent, network)
  • Lead company transformation / acceleration
  • Originate any value creation

Be the main actor for an investment platform looking for an "all in one" market specialist operator

  • Funding, support in fund raising
  • Company, Asset management
  • Co investment
  • Co development
  • Company, Asset value creation

Where we focus

France & Southern Europe
International partners in Africa, Americas, Asia

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